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Chamomile Lavender
NEW Flavor!
simply natural - relaxing and soothing
Epiphany Tea
January 9, 2015
A special fundraising Tea Party
Tea Gift Baskets
Simplify Shopping
create personal, usable, and beautiful gifts
Chocolate Pomegranate
NEW Flavor!
warm chocolate with just a zip of pomegranate
"Tea Tasting" Tea Party
January 17, 2015
A full tea party paired with a full tea tasting.
Winter Favorites & Classic Christmas
cinnamony & spicy...
New Flavors of soothing lavender and warm vanilla-ambrosial flavors
Arctic Fire
NEW Flavor!
deliciously iced peach tea
Tea of the Month Club
300 Cups of Tea
6 months of premium loose leaf tea delivered right to the door.
Map & Directions
Driving directions to The Teashop & Inn during Liberty Road Construction
Anna Marie's Tea Mugs
satin etched glass, Swedish style Christmas Mug, or black Downtown Abbey Teapot
Valentine's Tea Party
February 2015
Tucked in the middle of winter - celebrating a special Valentine's Tea Party
Curve Teapots with Infusers
Curvy with modern colors