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Chamomile Lavender
NEW Flavor!
simply natural - relaxing and soothing
October Tea Fest
shorter days...cooler nights
ambrosial tea blends, something special every Saturday
Fall Favorites
cinnamony & spicy...
New Flavors of soothing lavender and warm vanilla-ambrosial flavors
Chocolate Pomegranate
NEW Flavor!
warm chocolate with just a zip of pomegranate
Pumpkin Gathering Tea
October 25, 2014
Tea Time...Fraidy Cats Welcome!
Directions to the Teashop
Driving directions to The Teashop & Inn during Liberty Road Construction
Pumpkin Pie
Bold harvest spice - Easy recipe for Pumpkin Pie Lattes!
Thanksgiving Tea
November 15, 2014
Tea Time at Thanksgiving, canned food drive
2014 Byers' Choice Halloween
spooky fun - fraidy cats beware!