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Orange Spice Chai


Orange cinnamon with a spicy kick of cloves. Oh so dreamy with a dash of honey milk, to create a chai latte!

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Orange Spice Chai – a privately blended black tea with the perfect hint of spice! Created two years ago, this spicy and sweet chai has quickly earned a space in our best seller list!
Organic Rooibos, black tea, ginger root, cinnamon, green cardamom, ginger, orange peel, vanilla flavoring and cloves.
Perfectly paired with one of Brenda’s Signature Scones flavored with cinnamon for a delightful flavor!
You may have heard of chai tea or a chai tea latte, but have you truly experienced one? Masala Chai tea is a beautifully spiced blend as well as a great beverage starter. We are not the only ones who believe you should be drinking chai. Check out the top 10 reasons the internet chef gives. Maybe it is time for you to give Masala Chai a shot! Get ready for a creamy day time treat that is sure to make you want more.

Tea Beverage Recipe: Brew Masala Chai strong with an extra 1-2 tsp of chai. Stir in a splash of sweetened condensed milk or otherwise known as “honey milk” here at our Teashop. Creates a simple rich and creamy chai latte.

What makes chai…chai? Chai is the western word for a sweet spice tea from India. Masala is the word for a blend of spices and chai means tea. In the USA we have no set recipe for chai but we enjoy a variety of spices added or steeped with the tea. It can be any variety of loose leaf tea but our favorite is black tea. Black tea allows a deeper, invigorating flavor that pairs well with sugar and milk.

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