Lapsang Souchong Superior Black Tea

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Lapsang Souchong Superior Black Tea


A distinctive Lapsang souchong, which some find addicting, our Lapsang Souchong Superior Black Tea has a rich red liquor and fine smoky aroma and flavor. Delicious enjoyed with dinner and strong flavored foods.

Depending upon tea leaf size, 1 oz of tea brews about 8-10 cups of tea.

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Tea Brewing InstuctionsLapsang Souchong Superior Black Tea is our China black tea scented or dried with pinewood smoke saturating the tea leaf producing a rich liquor & distinctive smoky aroma & flavor. The smokiness gives the liquor a very marked fragrance and taste.

Lapsang Souchong Superior is a fun tea to cook with, marinate meats or even use to cook rice.  Enjoy with a hearty sandwich.  Another variety of scented tea is Earl Grey Supreme or Green Earl Grey.

Lapsang Souchong Superior is created by speeding up the drying process of the leaves by saturating the leaves in pinewood smoke.  A distinctive taste and aroma blooms from the smoked soaked tea leaf.  Flavored Teas whether they be green, black, or other varieties of tea are all from the same camellia sinensis bush. The whole tea leaves blend and nestle with real fruits, herbs, spices. Essential oils or essence of flowers and fruits also make an appearance. This blending results in a change of flavor to the tea leaf. Creating a delightful and inspiring challenge to the taste buds.

Black tea comes from the camellia sinensis bush. Black tea leaves are fully oxidized and produce a deep rich body, full flavor brew with a beautiful amber color. In contrast to green tea which does not go through the oxidation process. Consistently green tea has a much quieter flavor of tea.

During the oxidation process, oxygen comes in contact with the enzymes inside the tea leaf. This contact produces wonderful deep flavors. The flavor of each black tea varies depending upon the region in which the tea grows, weather conditions, and then finally the preparation of the tea.