Orange Spice Rooibos

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Orange Spice Rooibos


Our Orange Spice Rooibos – truly a cinnamon lover’s delight.  Fragrant, bold, and sweet.  Rooibos is the African Red Bush which has no caffeine and is loaded with health benefits. Blended with orange-peel, cloves, all-spice and cinnamon. Naturally a sweet taste from the orange. Wonderful fall and winter brew.

Depending upon tea leaf size, 1 oz of tea brews about 8-10 cups of tea.

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Orange Spice Rooibos is a cinnamon lover’s delight. It is naturally sweet from the orange peels and cinnamon. Orange Spice Rooibos has a mixture of  spices so you are sure to think of fall. So warm and comforting!

Tea Brewing InstructionsWhat is rooibos? Naturally caffeine-free brew boasting a rich and very smooth taste. Rooibos has full-bodied flavors reminiscent of a smooth black tea. Not actually from the tea plant, instead comes from the South African red bush and producing a dark reddish liquor.  Our fragrant Orange Spice Rooibos is a true fall & winter delight.  Orange peel, clove, delicious cinnamon.

Rich in antioxidants and having some vitamin c, mineral salts, and proteins. Tasting much like black tea, great with or without milk. Why do we love rooibos so much? Finding a deeply satisfying decaffeinated tea can be a challenge. In our opinion, the processes used to make the tea leaf caffeine-free can often change the richness of the leaf.  Rooibos and Honeybush are wonderful tea brews for pregnant and nursing mothers as well as people with heart issues that need to avoid caffeine.

Through the years of selling tea, our family has discovered how rooibos fills a unique and upcoming niche for our caffeine-free customers. The combination of naturally caffeine-free brew has a deeply satisfying flavor so it makes a great hot or iced tea beverage. We serve rooibos at all of our Friday evening tea parties while our tea guests enjoy cup after cup of this yummy relaxing tea time.