Simply Peppermint Herbal

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Simply Peppermint Herbal


Simply Peppermint Herbal is pure and simple peppermint. Refreshing aroma and delicious served hot or cold. Naturally caffeine-free. Calms the stomach and is a natural aid in digestion, nausea, and other stomach related issues.


Depending upon tea leaf size, 1 oz of tea brews about 8-10 cups of tea.

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Brewed as long as history herself remembers herbals have been gathered, enjoyed, and trusted. Herbs, flowers, berries, fruits, & spices are among the many ingredients that are entrusted inside the herbal world.

An herbal tea can consist of a single ingredient or blended together with many. The herbal tea is brewed similar to the the tea plant and is sometimes referred to as a “tisane” or “herbal brew”. Typically herbals do not contain caffeine. Simply Peppermint Herbal is single ingredient herbal.  Pure and simple peppermint aids with digestion and calming the stomach.

Long understood to be brewed for healing, for relaxing, for calming our inside. We have witnessed the and enjoyed the peaceful calm that blankets a tea party when we serve one of our herbal blends.