Pomegranate Dragon-Fruit Green

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Pomegranate Dragon-Fruit Green


The perfect blend of fruits with a smooth green tea & lemongrass. Enjoy this blend all summer long!

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Looking for a fresh new brew? Look no further than this brand new Green! China Sencha, Pai Mu Tan, kukicha, whole dragonfruit pieces, raspberry, lemongrass, pomegranate and sweet kiwi perfectly blended to create a smooth fruity blend. Unique and perfect for the hot summer days!

Green teas are also from the camellia sinensis bush just like black tea; how ever the leaves are not fermented. The leaves are roasted, rolled and then fired. Roasting kills off the enzymes responsible for oxidation and the heat makes the leaves soft and flexible ready for various shapes.

In the news and all over we enjoy hearing all the enormous health benefits of green tea. We appreciate hearing our customers personal stories and witness to the fact their doctors are recommending daily consuming several cups green tea. From healthy metabolism, healthy cells, clarity of mind to a slew of so many other reasons we love our green teas.

Caffeine content of green tea is lower then black tea.

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