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Finding Your Tea Joy!

2 September 2017

Please enjoy another lovely piece from Sandy Lane! We were thrilled to learn more about her tea journey and tea joy! Okay, I admit it . . . I love tea! My love affair with tea started when I was an adolescent, and my one and only tea choice at that time was Lipton teabag tea. I knew nothing of the joy of loose-leaf tea, the history of tea, or the pleasure of steeping a delicious pot of tea involved in finding your tea joy. As I moved through college and graduate school, those Lipton teabags, and graham crackers, helped […]

The Joyful History of Tea Parties

3 June 2017

We’re very lucky to feature guest writer Sandy Lane! Sandy is a longtime tea friend as well as a wonderful human being. Please enjoy her piece on the history of tea parties below! If you have had the pleasure of attending a tea party at Anna Marie’s Teas in Liberty, Missouri, you may be wondering how tea parties actually got started.  It is believed that sometime between the late 1830’s and early 1840’s, taking tea in the afternoon, along with assorted edible treats, became a new English social event which provided some nourishment during the long hours between lunch at […]

Tea for Healing the Body

27 April 2017

Tea for Healing Recently we’ve been thinking a lot about the different reasons we love tea so much. Tea can do so many things for us but one of the most poignant is healing effect it can have on our bodies. Currently, Brenda’s brother-in-law is being treated for cancer. Guess what some of the doctor’s orders were…drink four cups of tea a day! We weren’t surprised to say the least. But for someone who doesn’t drink tea regularly this seemed like a monumental undertaking. However, with Brenda’s help, he learned how to Brew the Perfect Cup of Tea. She also […]

Painting with Tea

7 April 2017

April gets me into a crafty mood.  My mother, sister and I each have our favorite crafts.  Mom loves to cross-stitch and scrapbook, Lexi loves to bake, and I love to decorate and organize!  I also have a little brother named Chase who is in kindergarten.   Celebrating Easter is a big deal for us and one of our traditions is dyeing Easter Eggs the Saturday before Easter.  At 5 years old, it’s awfully special to watch Chase experience arts and crafts for the first time.   Each Tuesday I post Avery’s Tea Tips on Anna Marie’s FB and Instagram .  All sorts […]

Grandma Diane’s Southern Sweet Iced Tea

21 March 2017

Growing up I loved any chance I got to go over to my grandma’s house to spend the night. Grandma Diane was always having a good time and made sure I did too! With spring upon us and summer right around the corner I realize there is a lot about iced tea season that makes me think of my southern-born feisty & lovable grandma!  In fact, when I was really young, I never thought I got in trouble at her house and I never once saw her get mad… that’s because I was too young to understand that my grandma was […]

DIY Tea Station

14 March 2017

We here at the Tea Shop love a good DIY project, especially when it involves tea! A couple of months ago I decided that I wanted to have a more dedicated space for my near constant tea brewing. And with iced tea season quickly approaching I knew I wanted the space to keep both iced and hot tea at the ready.   I began to list the items I wanted to include in my snazzy new set-up; electric kettle, mug tree, a place to store my tea, Perfect Cup of Tea (measuring spoon), my tea infuser, and signage. Here comes the tricky […]

March Events at Anna Marie’s Teas

16 February 2017

Lots and lots of things happening at the Tea Shop in March!  Be sure to check out the Event Calendar for more information or to purchase tickets. March 4 – Grand Opening at our New Location!  10-5pm 7 W Franklin St, Liberty, MO.  Super excited to be moving to our street side tea shop and back to our roots on Historic Downtown Liberty Square.  We are on the north east corner of Main and Franklin. Next door neighbors to Hammerhand Coffee and Casablanca Salon.  Join us on March 4 as we do our Free Monthly Tea Tasting.  Megan will be brewing […]

Green Tea Chicken Soup Recipe

12 January 2017

Green Tea Chicken Soup Recipe Total Time: 80 minutes Serves: 2-4 INGREDIENTS: 2 quarts chicken broth 3 tablespoons of green tea 2 tablespoons coconut oil 1 red onion, chopped 4 garlic cloves, chopped finely 2 carrots chopped 1 cup chopped celery (about 2 sticks) 1 teaspoon fresh thyme, chopped 1 bay leaf 2 chicken breasts, chopped into medium sized pieces 2 teaspoons sea salt 2 teaspoons black pepper DIRECTIONS: Bring 2 quarts of broth to a boil, then turn off the heat and add tea bags. Allow to steep for 10 minutes, then remove tea bags. Place chicken into pot […]

Green Tea Broth

10 January 2017

Green tea broth makes an excellent addition to cooking as a way to flavor a broth as shown in the recipe below. A green tea broth has a slightly savory, nutty flavor and is sure to add that little something extra to your next soup, rice, or pasta dish!  You can either replace the water entirely with freshly brewed tea or add a smaller portion for an added dash of flavor. Lung Ching or Gunpowder Green are two excellent green tea choices.  Marinades and salad dressings are also a great way to incorporate green tea into your meal by simply substituting […]

Megan’s Twelve Days of Tea

18 November 2016

The holidays have arrived! I’m so glad to be celebrating my first holiday season with the Anna Marie’s family. We have so many exciting things lined up for this most wonderful time of the year and I was lucky enough to be able to put one of those items together! The Twelve Days of Tea is a gift set that’s perfect for the beginner or the tea veteran. It includes one of our beautiful glass mugs with the newly redesigned logo and twelve unique individually wrapped pre-filled tea pockets, one for each of the twelve days of Christmas! Since each tea […]